This trick is for the guys in India.Purchase one airtel SIM.Activate NOP.This will cost you Rs 5 per day.

For using internet on the computer through your cellphone,you will need to connect your phone to your pc.Use usb cable,bluetooth dongle or infrared.Once connected to the computer,install opera browser.Then go to advance option of your phone modem in device manager and paste this script AT+CGDCONT=,,"" .Now connect to the internet by dialing.It will show this message connected at 115.5 kb/secs.Thats just the speed between PC and your phone.Then open opera.You will see nothing opens.Now go to preferences in opera.Then to advance tab and then to network.Click proxy servers.Add this proxy ip: port:8080.Now you have internet on your computer.Configure your applications to use this proxy.