For GAMERS, having a quality, great performance Graphic card is a must. Before you even think about tweaking that graphics card, you need prepare your PC for the addition..
No matter what brand you have, first thing you should do is to download the latest drivers for your Graphic Cards.

#If you got an ATI card (something with the "Radeon" name on it), head to their driver page and grab the latest driver package.

#If you received an nVidia card (something with the "GeForce" name on it), the latest drivers at this time are 53.03. Head to the nVidia driver page to download them.

Here, I have listed good Tweaking Tools for your Card:-
1- Ati TRay Tools

ATI Tray Tools is a small utility that can be found in the windows tray and allows instant access to settings and options.
Some key features of "ATI Tray Tools":

· Overclocking with template
· Automatic overclocking when application required 3D mode
· Artifact Tester with ability to find maximum stable clocks for GPU and Memory
·Game profiles with desktop creation.
· Direct3D settings with templates,GUI form and tray popup menu
· OpenGL with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu
· Hardwarelow level color correction
· Hardware tweaks. Setting PCI latency timer
· System wide Hot Keys. (Load profiles any profiles/work with colors/run any application)
· Refresh Lock system with ability to set separate refresh rates for each resolution.
· Tweak for overriding Pixel and Vertex Shaders
· Speed improvement tweaks for Anisotropic/Trilinear Filtering

2- Rage3D Tweak CCC
Rage3D Tweak CCC is a brand new tweak application that integrates directly into ATI's Catalyst Control Center (CCC) driver application and adds key tweak functions to the existing interface. This tweaker has been developed in the spirit of the former Rage3D Tweak application we developed and supported over the last many years. This application is a plug-in which consists of two new tree elements which will appear under a Rage3D heading in the advanced display view of the CCC. The two new sections are: Overclocking, and OC Testing.
OC Testing enables automatic testing of maximum core and memory clock speeds. The display consists of a realtime 3D rendering window which is used to heat up the graphics card and check for artifacts during the rendering test period. When one of the clock test buttons is clicked, the 3D display turns red to indicate a test is in progress and increments the tested clock speed at an interval specified by the displayed slider. The clock speeds are increased incrementally at user selected interval. Longer testing intervals will result in more accurate clock speed testing.

3- PowerStrip 3.63
PowerStrip provide advanced, multi-color, programmable hardware support to a wide range of graphic cards - from Matrox Millenium I to the latest ATi X850 and NVidia SLI solutions.
Interesting Features:
-The ONLY program that support multiple graphic cards from multiple chipset vendors.
-When launched, it respond by activating specific display settings, gamma correction and clock speed
[Returning everything to normal when the program close.]
-AGP device configuration
-Extensive diagnostic adn system idle thread.

4- NVTweak( Formerly Coolbits) 1.7.1
NVTweak will unlock many extra options in the NVIDIA control panel/driver, including but not limited to - Overclocking, AGP & hardware settings, Fan control, Temperature settings, Debugging, Twin View, Video Mixing Renderer, OpenGL 2.0 support, 3D viewer types (for 3D Stereo drivers), and more!
Features of "Coolbits 3D":
AGP & Hardware Settings
-AGP Rate
-Fast Writes
-Sideband addressing

Coolbits (Overclocking)
-Auto Overclocking
-Manual Overclocking
-Separate 2D/3D settings
-Fan Control

This tweak is intended for use with GeForce/Quadro cards and ForceWare 55.xx - 7x.xx 3D Stereo drivers. NVTweak is not fully compatible with windows 98/Me or driver versions older than 55.xx.
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