The “System Restore” feature in Windows XP works perfectly fi ne for most of us. But the over cautious nature of the feature does result in a lot of storage space being occupied by the system restore files. If you would only like to have the latest restore point and not all the restore points that have been created, you can delete all the previous restore points and free some space. Follow the instructions to learn how to clean up the old redundant restore points.

  1. Open “My Computer” and right click on the drive whose restore points you want to clear.
  2. Select “Properties” and under the “General” tab, click on “Disk Cleanup”.
  3. Click on “More Options” tab and select the last option “Cleanup” under the “System Restore” section.You will be asked if you want to delete all but the most recent restore points,
  4. click on “Yes” to delete all leaving the most recent of system restore points.