SoonR is a web service that uses your mobile browser to extend phone’s capabilities in may ways, not the least of which is making cheap International calls using Skype and accessing your PC’s files and Outlook.

SoonR uses the features that are already built into your phone. It is the only service that enables standard mobile phones to use the applications on PCs in an optimized way. Desktop Search, Outlook, Skype, and the files on desktop computer are made available anywhere you are and even when your computer is turned off. Any phone with data access/plan becomes a smart phone and acts as a remote control for your computer.

How It Works ?

Using your normal wireless service, access is made possible with no software installed on your phone.

The service authenticates and stores meta-data about all shared resources. It also tracks your groups and renders views based on your phone characteristics.

A small client securely links your PC applications and data to the SoonR service and reports changes to the computers’ status.

In order to access your computer from your phone, you need to sign up a free service and download a SoonR Desktop Agent that runs on your computer, and define which folders you want to access from your phone. This program allows you to leverage applications installed on your computer such as Outlook, Skype, or Desktop search. Its not over yet ! It will optimize all the data that is sent to your phone, leveraging the superior power of your computer CPU.

SoonR basic accounts are free. Users can access photos, files, and documents and even share them with others. Premium accounts such as a feature that allows SoonR to work even if your PC is powered down and will cache the data you want to be able to access will be launch in future.