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I was getting frequent messages on mobile mobile.So I had a try.Its sms 2.0
Now with web 2.0 the age of sms 2.0 has come.
We all are getting bored of sending all those messages we call SMS, in the simillar fashion over and over again. Now SMSing getting cheaper and cheaper, we all want to do more than just message our buddies. Airtel SMS 2.0 promises to do just that. It is real fun using SMS 2.0 on your Airtel mobile phone. It has got some really cool and fun features like the ability to send 28 different cool emotion icons (that is emoticons)and 15 different font colours.

Airtel Fun, Airtel SMS, Airtel GPRS, Airtel MP3

What is the fun of using a mobile phone when we can't see the latest Scores. We are Indian and proud to have Cricket as more than just a game. With Airtel SMS 2.0, you can view live cricket scores, download latest songs, ringtone, MP3 all that for free.

Airtel Fun, Airtel SMS, Airtel GPRS, Airtel MP3

And the best and the most promising part of Airtel SMS 2.0 is that you can network with your online buddies right on your mobile phone. Though this feature is not yet available, let us hope it will be launched soon.

Airtel Fun, Airtel SMS, Airtel GPRS, Airtel MP3

How to Use it

To use this service on your Airtel Mobile Phone, you will have to go to this website(or you might have already received the sms)and enter your 10 digit mobile number. They will SMS you the details on how to download the application for your mobile phone. Or, if you choose other method, type 'SMS2' on your mobile phone and send it to 543210. You get the download link direct on your mobile phone.

What you need:

All you have to need to run this application on your Airtel mobile phone is a GPRS connection and a supported phone. The list of compatible phones is given below or can be found on this page.