Recently, I got the DVD version of American Army Special Forces (Firefight) 2.3.0 from a friend, but unfortunately, it is 766 MB in size and exceeds the size of a CD-R which is 700 MB.So I started scratching my head.Finally got a idea.Heres it.It will be very helpful to you.You can use it for other CDs,if your original disc is greater than 700 MB.

Let us start
Writing a 766 MB file to a CD is not a problem these days, as 800 MB CD-R
media are available.All you need to do is start Nero, click on File > Preferences,

click the ‘Expert Features’ tab and check the ‘Enable Disc-at-once CD overburning’
as well as ‘Enable generation ofshort lead-out’ and click ‘OK’.

Insert the media and start burning the file to it. When prompted, choose to overburn and the CD will be created.

Remember, some older CD writers might not support overburning and hence, you won’t be able to create a CD using those CD writers.

If that’s the case or if you want to burn it to two disc,then you may use a compression utility
such as WinRAR to create an archive that can be split into volumes of 700 MB. You can later burn these archive files to CDs