All you will need is Fair Use 4 WM - a freeware which can be downloaded from this link.

So, let's now look at how to proceed in removing drm from wmv files, so here are the simple steps.

  • You will need to uninstall windows media player 11(if its already installed). To do that go to the Start > Control Panel > add / remove programs. Remember to check the show updates box and remove any WMP11 updates as well.
  • After the Uninstall of Windows media 11 and Windows Media Player 11 Runtime and restart your system
  • Delete all the contents in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM\ (if the folder exsists).
  • Now download and install Windows Media Player 10 or Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2. Restart the system after the successful installation.
  • Open up internet and visit this media player website. You will need a genuine version of windows xp, otherwise the update button will be grayed out. Your media player will be individualized during the process.
  • Obtain new licenses from your media providers and start fair use 4 wm.
  • Click on recover keys, next and add the files that you want to remove the drm from.
  • Select a directory where the drm free wmv files should be saved to and watch how fair use 4 wm removes the drm of the wmv files.