To file an impersonation claim, you must demonstrate that you are the person being impersonated. To be considered impersonation, the profile name will likely need to match (or be very similar to) your legal name.
Note : Offending profile must have name similar to (if not exact) your legal name not your Orkut profile name.There are few more things mentioned on Orkut help page.

  • If you are not Orkut User - You can still file a claim without opening account on Orkut. But to get Orkut Profile Name & URL you have to seek help of a friend who have account on Orkut.
  • Scanning a photo ID - As its mandatory to attach a valid photo ID, get it scanned as clearly as possible. If you are good at digital photography then you may try taking a snap of photo ID. But using scanner is always better! Also I will not recommend use of your college ID as its less authentic compare to driving license or national ID (such as voters ID in India).
  • Orkut Profile Name & URL - Is what which you deal with everyday.

Now open impersonation form. It has total 9 fields. Some are optional.

  1. Your legal name: Name of the document you are attaching.
  2. Your email address: Give an email address where orkut can contact you.
  3. Email address (confirm): (Same as above)
  4. Your orkut profile name (if you have one): (not needed if you have no orkut account)
  5. Your orkut profile URL (if you have one): (not needed if you have no orkut account)
  6. The fake orkut profile name: Copy and paste fake orkut profile name
  7. The fake orkut profile URL: Copy and paste fake orkut profile URL
  8. Please attach photo ID : Upload scanned document here.
  9. Additional details (if needed): This field is optional but please try to give some important details which can help Orkut identify you as real an offending profile as fake.

After filling all details and submitting a form you will get following response : "Thank you for submitting your report. We will investigate and take action as necessary. Please note that we will not contact you unless we need more information to review your claim. If you’ve reported a profile and continue to see it after a week, it’s likely that it did not meet our conditions for removal."


  • Ask your friend to report fake profile and making an impersonation claim on your behalf. This is not allowed by Orkut.
  • Try or ask anyone to hack fake account. You may land yourself in legal troubles.

DO :