Choosing a new ISP can be very confusing. Technology used for internet access differ from ISP to ISP, hence some ISP`s are better for certain tasks than others. Sometimes this advantages and disadvantages are good and profitable to the consumers, depending upon their needs. Hence it is important to choose proper ISP which suit you needs.

UK Broadband Forum is another broadband forum for UK users, similar to my last India`s Broadband forum review post. UK broadband forum is very helpful in providing experiences of a final users of a particular broadband. Forum users can share their experiences, downtime, pros and cons of their respective ISP`s. This shared information helps other new users to be on safer side and choose proper ISP according to their needs.

Forum is divided into Broadband providers and Mobile Broadband Providers. Broadband providers is further divided into sub forums like AOL broadband, BT Broadband, Tiscali Broadband, Pipex Broadband, UK Online Broadband, Tesco Broadband, Demon Broadband, Be Broadband, Talk Talk Broadband, Toucan Broadband and many others. While the Mobile Broadband Providers is divided into T Mobile Broadband, Vodafone Mobile Broadband, Orange Mobile Broadband, and O2 Mobile Broadband.

If you have stumbled across such more forums you can share with us by placing a comment. Best will be reviewed in this blog and other networked blogs.