When it comes to apple products everybody loves to own one because of simplicity in design, aesthetics and brand/company which provides great customer service. One of the innovative Apple products is Mighty Mac mouse – Beautifully designed and simple to use. Apple has even made it possible to install Windows on your Mac using ‘bootcame’. This means using Apple`s Mighty Mouse with windows. Also even in some cases users preferred to use Apple mouse on Windows PC to ease their workflow.

X-Mouse Button Control is a small utility to re-configure extra mouse button (not limited to only Mighty Mouse). It will allow you to add customize functions to your mighty mouse (On windows). For example squeezing side button on this mouse launches expose on Mac OS X. The same can be done in windows- you can configure the button to launch Windows 3D Flip which is similar to expose. There are other many of options to choose from which can be used with any extra button mouse.