How do you feel when your parents or grandparents live alone and have no one around for help? Imagine the situation when there is no one in the house and the condition is so bad that he/she can`t even press a button. There many cases where older people are beaten in one moment and completely lost. If aid does not reach in time, the result is a disaster. How can you prevent such accidents from occurring to your parents or grandparents while you are away from home? The answer is simple; get a life alert device like the Brick House Alert. There is a sensor to detect fall.

There are different types of Brick House Alert devices. Takes care of all the people you love. Alert system immediately detects when you fall, and calls for 24 hours for the monitoring service help and support you need. You can also choose typical panic buttons that can be worn around the neck or wrist to choose. If you need help, simply press the button and your good wishes on the road. Even if you live alone, Brick House Alert Personal Assistant is on call 24 / 7. It will remind you to take the medication or make sure that everything is a OK. There are also Monitored smoke detectors and a large HELP button when someone falls on the floor in the bathroom, they can Smack and get the assistance, medication reminders and more.

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