How would you feel if someone uses your computer when you are not there? What if you did not know that you have already installed spy software on your computer? Would you be upset if someone was spying on your computer? The "Computer Spy" or better known as the iBOT from, is very powerful tool. It is undetectable spying tool. It secretly monitors and records everything - passwords, chat, photos, suspicious activities and more. There is no need to keep the hardware plugged into your computer to capture every action. Plug it into your USB port, complete a fast 5-second installation, remove the Stealth iBot Computer Spy, and walk away.

It works even if the user is logged-on in the different user account. Other tools need to remain always connected to the computer. Another good thing about this tool is that it can record up to 10,000 photos, and capturing up to 1 GB of data without any hardware to install. All recorded images are stored locally and heavily encrypted with a unique key for each device, and can run on all operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and Vista SP1.

Watch the video below.

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