This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

Few years back I had to take my laptop everywhere I go. And with those heavy laptops of those days, traveling with comfort was unimaginable. Well there was no alternatively for that because it was the only way or a device portable enough to carry, that can be used for keeping in touch with your friends, colleagues, and friends. And days before laptops, this was a complete no. Though there were mobile phones that could fill some of the need to keeping in touch, they were not technologically advance enough for any other things than for calling and messaging. Reading emails, chatting with your buddies, and keeping track of your work was just not possible. And finally if you were on long travel then you had to carry an extra bag full of gadgets like cameras, laptop, diaries, music players, etc. But now I just have a single phone in my hand while traveling which does everything- Facebook, Orkut, chat, make calls, post photos, send texts, use the internet, take pictures or video and listen to music. I no longer need my extra bag full of gadgets or the laptop and so no more back pain.

LG has come up with this amazing phone. Though no phone is perfect, the new LG Chocolate Touch is certainly for me. It satisfies all my needs. What I like of this phone is the Dolby Mobile sound system built into it, which no other phone till date has. It’s so beautiful to listen to it. You feel as if you are listening to home-theater system. Another important thing of music system is that it has built in mechanism that is in sync to music beat which makes the phone vibrate to rhythm of music. As like other phones it has a built- in 3.2 Mega Pixel Camera (but with image editor), which can record both still as well as video. Not yet over, it has One-touch Social Network Message Key to post to blogs, facebook, orkut, twitter etc, which I use the most - throwing away my laptop. You can easily customize the screens with drag and drop. Other than this as a phone, supports top-notch text, picture, video, and voice messaging and mostly importantly a Visual Voicemail.

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