ESPN radio has quickly taken over as the number one sports radio show in many cities. They have uprooted shows that have been in place for decades and tossed them to the side of the road. This ESPN Radio App joins the long list of ESPN apps that are already part of the iPhone app store. While many of them are free, this one will set you back couple of dollars, but it is well worth it.

One of the great features of ESPN radio is the live updates given throughout the broadcast. This feature gives the true ESPN radio experience to iPhone users. Not only that, but there is also live play-by-play broadcasts of some college with all ballgames. While using the GameCast feature is always great, there is nothing like hearing action as it actually takes place.

Something else that is truly interesting about this iPhone app is that you can also send text messages directly to ESPN. ESPN fans are already familiar with this feature as it has been available during certain football broadcasts during the week. The messages scroll across the TV screen and are read by both the audience and the broadcasters. It is always great when your comments get the attention of the people in the booth and you can hear your words being said over the airwaves.