Prelante is a web design and development, motion graphics and vfx firm from Goa, India. Yes they provide excellent service and their quality of work just amazes me. And this is the reason why I am writing this post. High quality work is what sets it apart from other Indian firms. Another thing why I choose Prelante is that their rates are very low. 25 % to that of any other similar firm.

Most of my web projects were delivered with 3 – 6 days and all vfx ones the next day itself. But ones I had a project which required a heavy 3D scene modeling and compositing. They took hell long time to deliver it. The reason given was that they don`t own a render farm and these high quality realistic 3D scenes take days to render. But best thing was that the compositing part was done within minutes in front of me –me giving feedback and making few adjustments every time. Though they don’t mention anything of sound or music on their website, they do deliver my motion graphic videos with audio or music when needed. I guess they don`t do it by themselves. May be some third party sound mixing Studio. So this might be the reason why they don`t mention anything about it on their website. Anyway Prelante provides great quality work at a minimal cost.