If you own a Nokia N95 ,then you can add GPS navigation to the PC(or any other) through Bluetooth connectivity. Simply download and install the Symarctic ExtGPS application on your Nokia N95. This will actually work with the Nokia E90 or 6110 devices too as they have integrated GPS receivers, but I don’t have them to test the application. Symarctic ExtGPS is primarily designed for you to use a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC with your S60 device as the external GPS receiver.However, besides just pairing via Bluetooth for the GPS receiver I also needed to pair the two in order to use the Nokia N95 as a wireless data modem.To get this working simply launch Symarctic ExtGPS on your Nokia N95 after making sure that the Bluetooth radio is on for both the N95/S60 device and your PC or any device that you want to use GPS on it