Using this guide, you can download without getting up at night, or remaining awake. You might wonder what the hell is this guy is talking about? One can download automatically by schedule task during free hours. But wait, these ISPs are quite smart. They take the average data usage over a session and then subtract free hours (2AM to 8AM) worth of the download. So for users of dataone(Others too) free night plan from 2AM to 8AM, they still have to switch off and switch on their modem at 2AM if they want to get really night free from dataone .This is actually cheating in the foreign countries.But what we can say in India. We have to adapt to the current system.

New Automatic downloading at night update (made easy) has been Published

You can easily download at night using this automatic download method

Things you need for it

· Workspace Macro Pro (any other task scheduling utility can be used. But I recommend it, as it has many features. You can download it here)


· Telnet scripting tool.


Install Workspace Macro Pro. You may use any other scheduling utility if you want.

If you are using Windows Vista, you need to install telnet client. Proceed to this article to learn how to install telnet on Windows Vista.

After downloading the Telnet scripting tool, extract it to a folder. In same folder create a text file with a name"reboot.txt". Open it and paste these lines in it 23

WAIT "login"

SEND "username\m"

WAIT "Password"

SEND "password\m"

WAIT "#"

SEND "reboot\m"

WAIT "#"

Replace login and password with the respective username and password of your adsl modem. If you have a different ip address for your router, replace the one given above.23 is necessary. It is port used for telnet.

For example 23

WAIT "login"

SEND "admin\m"

WAIT "Password"

SEND "admin\m"

WAIT "#"

SEND "reboot\m"

WAIT "#"

Save the changes

Once it is done, create a bat file (created by renaming a file extension to .bat) with a name reboot.bat. Insert this line inside it tst10.exe /r:reboot.txt

Save the changes.

Check your external ip that is internet ip. Click here to check the ip.

Now run the reboot.bat file by clicking it. Check if your router restarts. If it does it will show some change in the internet IP address.

For example to

It’s a success. Stretch you arms and relax a little bit.

Next open Workspace Macro pro utility.

Click New-create a macro using macro editor

Click run program. Add the reboot.bat file and save

Schedule this macro to run after your starting of free usage time

Example for BSNL it is 2am to 8am

So schedule it to run at 2:05

Make many copies of the same macro and schedule it to run after every 30 minutes. This will save you from billing in case it does not disconnect before your free usage time comes to an end.

Example for free usage time of 2 am to 8 am

Restart Macro 1-----2:05

Restart Macro 2-----2:30

Restart Macro 3-----3:00

Restart Macro 4-----4:00

Restart Macro 5-----4:30

Restart Macro 6-----5:00

Restart Macro 7-----5:30

Restart Macro 8-----6:00

Restart Macro 9-----6:30

Restart Macro 10----7:00

Restart Macro 11----7:30

Restart Macro 12----7:48 (extremely important)

Restart Macro 13----7:55

Create another macro to schedule to run a program such as utorrent,download manager etc after the start of free time

Create a last macro to stop the program or shutdown the computer. (extremely important)


Now you can make your computer work for you all night.

If you use utorrent, schedule it to usage 0 bandwidth before the start and and end of free usage hours.

Go to preference to do it

New Automatic downloading at night update (made easy) has been released