This article was written on request of my website fan. He was finding it too difficult to configure each and everything - previous article.

BSNL takes the average data usage over a session and then subtracts free hours (2AM to 8AM) worth of the download. So for users of dataone free night plan from 2AM to 8AM, still have to switch off and switch on their modem at 2AM if they want to download for free

Download modem restart tool. Extract it to c drive (using winrar).Open restart.txt (with notepad) file in it. You will find the following lines in it 23

WAIT "login"

SEND "username\m

WAIT "Password"

SEND "password\m"

WAIT "#"

SEND "reboot\m"

WAIT "#"

Replace with adsl modem ip (Its usually, username and password with adsl modem username and password. (Without replacing the \m”)

For example 23

WAIT "login"

SEND "admin\m"

WAIT "Password"

SEND "admin\m"

WAIT "#"

SEND "reboot\m"

WAIT "#"

Open the extracted folder and delete the restart.exe file(File not needed). Create a new file "restart.bat".Edit it and paste the following lines in it.
tst10.exe /r:reboot.txt

Now open task scheduler and add a task to restart.bat file. Schedule this restart.bat to run after starting of free usage time

Example for BSNL it is 2am to 8am

So schedule it to around run at 2:05

Add many tasks and schedule it to run after interval 1 hour. This will save you from huge bill in case it does not disconnect before your free usage time comes to an end. Do not stick to exact timing, as the computer takes some time to restart the router and run the programs.

Example for free usage time of 2 am to 8 am

Restart task 1-----2:05

Restart task 2-----2:30

Restart task 3-----4:00

Restart task 4-----5:00

Restart task 5-----6:00

Restart task 6----7:00

Restart task 7----7:30

Restart task 8----7:48 (extremely important)

Create another task to schedule to run a program such as utorrent, download manager etc after the start of free time

Create a last task to stop the program or shutdown the computer. (Extremely important)

If you want to shut down the computer using task scheduler,use this program.When executed it will shutdown the computer.

Now you can make your computer work for you all night.

If you use utorrent, schedule it to usage 0 bandwidth before the start and and end of free usage hours.

Go to preference to do it

If you have any questions please fill free to ask