This tutorial is for jail broken iPhone (firmware 2.2) for installing Third party apps on Iphone (.ipa and .app)

  • Download Patch file MobileInstallation.
  • Install SSH app on iPhone using cyndia.
  • Download winscp on PC or other respective SSH client for your respective OS.
  • Turn on SSH on iPhone.
  • In WinSCP login to your iPhone using the ip address (ip can be found in iPhone`s Settings)
    Username: root
    Password: alpine (if not changed)
    Port: 22
    File Protocol: SCP
    Private Key will be automatically assigned at first login
  • Once logged in you will come across explorer like window through which you can browse all your iPhone files. When logged in you will automatically be taken to /private/var/ directory.
  • Navigate to /private/var/mobile/ and create a folder called “Documents”. Make sure to spell “Documents” correctly, with a capital “D” and set its permission to 777 (make sure reclusive is checked).
  • Set the permission of the Applications folder to 777 (make sure reclusive is checked).
  • Make a backup of file MobileInstallation inside the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework folder.
  • Place the patched file into the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework folder
  • Set the permissions to 775 (make sure reclusive is checked) for the patched MobileInstallation file. Also change the permission of PrivateFramworks folder to 775 (make sure reclusive is checked).
  • Download and install a free or paid app from Apple Store. This is very essential; otherwise your app will not work. If you do not have credit card to get iTune account here is a tip.
    Resart your iPhone.
    Incase if your iPhone is stuck at reboot. Replace the MobileInstalllation file with the original one and reboot iPhone by pressing Home button +Sleep Button.
  • Now install the app through iTunes.
Please share your experiences by placing a comment. Also if you have any question you are free to ask.