This tutorial will show you how to bypass Screen alignment on Windows mobile. Sometimes your digitizer can malfunction or screen can get cracked but still you can use the Phone. In such case if you hard reset you’re your PDA you will encounter screen alignment wizard at the welcome screen which is impossible to get rigid. Only options left are- replace the screen or bypass the screen alignment wizard. Off course your touch screen will not repair itself by doing this, but you can use much of the functionality of your PDA.

There is a hard way to bypass the screen alignment wizard by deleting welcome file from start folder of your PDA. But here you will encounter lots of file permissions. So let us not use it.

  • Connect your Phone to your PC using active synchronize. (It works even when you are stuck at alignment screen)
  • Download Remote Screen Alignment
  • Install and run this program on your PC
  • Choose SKIP to avoid the Align Screen Wizard. Program has few features that you might want to use in the future.
  • Restart the phone and you are done.
Incase your screen is badly aligned (if touch screen works); you can start alignment wizard from settings and do few taps. Yes you will not come out of the loop. So press any key like Screen off button, Windows or restart the phone.